This is beautiful organic garlic from the Mystic Garlic farm in Dansville, NY, my hometown.  I've been buying my garlic from Dave for the last 5 years.  After whining and complaining that the only garlic we can get in the US was from China one of my classmates from high school told me about another classmate, Dave, a retired police officer and judge, and we have been doing business together ever since. 
One of the things to look for when buying garlic is the presence of roots or not.  If there are no roots and you can see they have been ground down to the base of the bulb, you know if its from China because USDA does not allow soil from other countries to come to the US.  So, it's pretty safe to say if the garlic you are buying has roots, it  has come from right here in the USA.  Just read your lables.   
Porcelain - Music is a large, full, rich aromatic flavored garlic making this one of the best known and most sought after varieties. Its flavor has been described as very rich and musky, strong and robust. It is warm but not overly hot. 4-6 cloves/bulb; 4-6 bulbs/lb.  Perfect for roasting or chopping into your favorite dish.

Porcelain Music Garlic


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